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Enhance Your Well-being with Vitamin D Therapy


Fortify your health with Vitamin D therapy at Sloan Aesthetics. Essential for bone strength, immune function, and more, our Vitamin D injections are a direct way to ensure you’re receiving this crucial nutrient. Vitamin D injections can improve your energy levels and overall health. Once-a-week treatments for four weeks can help you feel more energized and revitalized.

Why Vitamin D?

Adequate Vitamin D levels are crucial for maintaining various aspects of health, yet many individuals are deficient, particularly those in less sunny climates.

Administering Vitamin D Injections

Our healthcare professionals will assess your Vitamin D levels and provide injections tailored to your needs, ensuring safe and effective treatment.

Benefits Reported by Clients

Many clients note improvements in energy levels, mood, and overall physical health following Vitamin D therapy.

Tailoring Your Treatment Plan

We recommend a treatment frequency based on your individual health profile and Vitamin D needs.

To ensure your body has the Vitamin D it needs, schedule your consultation at Sloan Aesthetics in Bryant. Contact us at (602) 702-3253.


$25 Per Shot

Packages Available for $100

Prices are subject to change. Please inquire for current rates and promotions.

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