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Achieve Your Dream Curves with Sculptra Booty


Enhance your natural curves with the revolutionary Sculptura Booty treatment at Sloan Aesthetics. Our non-surgical approach offers a safe and effective way to achieve your desired contour. This revolutionary product is designed to give you a lifted, toned, and rounder derrière without the need for invasive surgery. This non-surgical booty-lifting procedure uses a unique blend of ingredients to create a natural-looking, firm and voluminous backside. This product is perfect for those looking to add fullness and definition to their booty without the risks associated with surgery. Sculptra Booty is easy to use, and results can be seen in as little as two weeks. 

Benefits of Sculptura Booty

Experience a natural lift and added volume without the need for invasive surgery. Sculptura Booty is designed to harmonize with your body’s natural shape, ensuring results that are both beautiful and authentic.

Personalized Sculptura Treatments

Our expert practitioners tailor each treatment to meet your individual aesthetic goals. We understand the importance of a personalized approach to ensure results that you’ll love.

Patient Experiences

Our clients often express delight at the noticeable yet natural enhancement in their buttock area, appreciating the minimal downtime and the boost in confidence.

Aftercare and Longevity

To maintain and prolong your Sculptura Booty results, we provide detailed aftercare instructions. Regular follow-up treatments can be scheduled to ensure long-lasting results.

Ready to reshape and enhance your curves?

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45 Minutes

$900 Per Vial

Prices are subject to change. Please inquire for current rates and promotions.

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