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Natural Beauty Enhancement with PRF Treatments


Discover the regenerative power of PRF treatments at Sloan Aesthetics. Utilizing the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, PRF harnesses your body’s natural healing processes for skin and hair revitalization.

The Wonders of PRF for Skin and Hair

A PRF treatment for hair, eyes, and lips uses your own platelets to stimulate collagen production and improve wrinkles, scars, and other skin imperfections.  A revitalized and refreshed complexion can be yours with PRF Injections, which can remove sun damage, acne scars, and collagen loss.

PRF treatment for face works best in tear troughs to strengthen the tissue, but we also recommend it in smile lines, cheeks, and anywhere else the skin or face needs restoring and rejuvenating.

What is PRF?

PRF is a concentration of your own platelets, providing a rich source of growth factors. When applied to the skin or scalp, it promotes cell renewal, collagen production, and tissue healing.

Personalized PRF Applications

We offer customized PRF treatments, whether it’s for facial rejuvenation or hair restoration. Our approach is tailored to address your unique concerns and goals.

Patient Experiences and Results

Clients are often amazed by the noticeable improvements in their skin’s texture and hair’s density. PRF treatments are minimally invasive, with little to no downtime.

Ongoing Care and Maintenance

To maintain and enhance the results, we recommend a series of treatments, supported by individualized aftercare advice.

Ready to explore the natural route to beauty enhancement?

Reach out to Sloan Aesthetics at (602) 702-3253 to schedule your PRF treatment in Scottsdale.


30 Minutes

Under-Eye Treatments – $1350 (3 Sessions)

Hair Loss Treatments – $1550 (3 Sessions)

Lips ($500 Per Session)

Prices are subject to change. Please inquire for current rates and promotions.

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