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Achieve Perfectly Shaped Brows with Our Brow Waxing Service


Elevate your look with Sloan Aesthetics’ professional brow waxing service. Our skilled aestheticians provide precise waxing to achieve the perfect brow shape for your face.

The Art of Brow Waxing

We use high-quality wax and techniques to gently remove unwanted hair, defining and enhancing your natural brow shape.

Customized Brow Grooming

Every brow waxing session is tailored to the individual, ensuring results that complement your facial features and personal style.

Client Comfort and Satisfaction

Our clients often report a smooth and comfortable experience with long-lasting results.

Caring for Your Brows Post-Waxing

We offer expert advice on maintaining your newly shaped brows and extending the benefits of your waxing treatment.

For impeccably groomed eyebrows, schedule your brow waxing appointment at Sloan Aesthetics in Scottsdale. Contact us at (602) 702-3253.


$30 for Brows – includes brow shaping, wax + clean-up

$20 for upper lip wax

$20 for nose wax

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